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Deployment: A Submariner Wife’s Perspective of the toughest words a military spouse can hear. So many emotions come up when I hear that word: loneliness, stress, loss, fear, sadness, exhaustion... I pride myself on typically being an uplifting and positive person. However, this can be a struggle at times when I'm faced with the extremely difficult task of staying… Continue reading Deployment: A Submariner Wife’s Perspective

Family/Motherhood/Military Life

What Being a Military Family Taught Me About the Holidays

Family Friday My husband missed our sons Birthday. He didn't get to see the kids in their Halloween costumes this year. He missed Thanksgiving. He will miss seeing the sparkleĀ of our lights and their excited glowing faces on Christmas morning. We will ring in the New Year without him. The list goes on and on....special… Continue reading What Being a Military Family Taught Me About the Holidays

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Love Me a Man in Uniform!

Uniform There's just something so sexy, about a man in dress whites. No stains or discoloring, just the brightest of brights! His ribbons are lined up, perfect across his chest. Displayed in a line, the best of the best. He wears a cover, proudly upon his head. A tear by his eye, he tries to… Continue reading Love Me a Man in Uniform!

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I Survived

Survive 6 months. That's how long I went without seeing my husband. I heard from him a few times. But, unfortunately, communication on submarines is VERY limited. I can go months without hearing from him or getting an e-mail. Going into it, I thought I knew what to expect. We had gone 3 months apart… Continue reading I Survived

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Mahalo to our Military

; This past week, my son's school had its annual Military Appreciation Day parade and ceremony. It's a day set aside each year to thank those who serve in the military and show appreciation and understanding to the military children at our school. Last year, my husband was deployed during this ceremony so I had… Continue reading Mahalo to our Military