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Love Me a Man in Uniform!

I'm part of Post A Day 2016


Oh my-2

There’s just something so sexy, about a man in dress whites.

No stains or discoloring, just the brightest of brights!

His ribbons are lined up, perfect across his chest.

Displayed in a line, the best of the best.

He wears a cover, proudly upon his head.

A tear by his eye, he tries to not shed.

Saved for only, the most special of days,

This uniform always, sets my eyes a blaze!

Not knowing I’m watching, he flexes his might,

Does he even know, this fills my delight?

Fitting him snugly around his manly chest

Is how I’ve come to like it  the best!

Hugging those buns in all the right spots,

Definitely registers to 100 watts!

He’s walking this way, how lucky am I?

To walk by his side, and call him my guy.

Love Me a Man in Uniform!.png


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