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Stay at Home Moms vs Working Moms (why we need to stop the mommy wars)

No matter what our "job" is, us moms are ALL striving for the same thing! We want our kids to be safe, cared for and to know they are loved. 

Family/Motherhood/Military Life

Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God

Caper Well, friends, it's already July! How is your summer going? We have had a summer full of  slippahs (flip flops), sunscreen lathering, sandy bottoms, scraped knees, library visits, hikes, movies and capering about! Summertime is my favorite time of the year! Even in Hawaii where it's summer 365 days a year! There's just something… Continue reading Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God

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Momma’s Banana Bread: A Generational Recipe

I'm going to share it with you today in hopes that you can bake it with your children and make some special memories like my mom and I share...and, now my daughter and I. It originally came from my Grandma Amy. So, it's very special!

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Mommy’s a Magician!

Illusion Did you know that mom's are magicians? Yep! It's true! Mom's have this special power to fix any quandary a child may become faced with. Mommy's have a magical kiss that can cure a "boo boo" instantly. And, guess what!?!? It doesn't just work on kids! It can also get those lovies back to… Continue reading Mommy’s a Magician!

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The Soundtrack of a Busy Mom

Photo Challenge: Music As an Adventurous, Busy Mom, the kids and I spend a lot of time listening to music. Music can transform the most mundane things (chores) into the best thing ever! Check out my post about my kids' love for cranking up the tunes and dancing: Dance Your Troubles Away Since I know you… Continue reading The Soundtrack of a Busy Mom

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Motherhood: My Best Commitment

Family Friday Commit At the word "commit," my mind wanders to all of my past commitments. Those I've given up on. Those I continue to give my commitment to. If I were to choose, my most important commitment, it would be to my children. Daily, as their mother, I commit so many things. I commit… Continue reading Motherhood: My Best Commitment

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MOM: More Than Just a Title

This past week, I was asked to be a guest blogger for an amazing blog called "How To Marry A Millionaire." Please check it out and take a moment to explore her blog as well! Thank you! With Aloha, Lacy