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Mommy’s a Magician!

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Did you know that mom’s are magicians?

Yep! It’s true!

Mom’s have this special power to fix any quandary a child may become faced with.

Mommy’s have a magical kiss that can cure a “boo boo” instantly. And, guess what!?!? It doesn’t just work on kids! It can also get those lovies back to 100% snuggle ability within minutes with a magical sewing kit!


Mommy’s have an embrace that can calm a broken heart after Goldie the goldfish dies.

Mommy’s have a way of solving any sibling quarrel in a fair way.

Mommy’s have the magical ability to scare away monsters from under the bed!

Mommy’s have proven to be able to answer any question they are asked because they know everything!

My favorite “mommy illusion”:

The “eyes on the back of my head.” My kids are still amazed by this one! In fact, I overheard my 4  year old tell my 7 year old the other day, “You shouldn’t be doing that because mommy can see through walls!” So let’s add x-ray vision to our list of mommy magic!

So, yep! Mommy’s really ARE magicians!

Didn’t know you were a magician, did you!?!?!?

I encourage you today to remember how powerful you are in the eyes of your child!

Mommy’s are THE BEST! Let’s not let them down.

Let us take that time to kiss their “boo-boos.” Let’s be patient and comfort them when they are sad. Let’s value them and acknowledge their problems.

Let’s stay magical!

What’s your mommy super power?


With Aloha,


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8 thoughts on “Mommy’s a Magician!

      1. Yes, but there’s a part of me that’s goes “man she really was right about pretty much everything…” And then I call an apologize again for being completely unpleasant during middle school

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    1. I had a section I wrote but deleted where I talked about how this magic works because of trust. Once your kids know they can trust you, that magic becomes so real! it’s the good parents (like you) that I’m assuming have a great relationship with your kids, that the magic can last and last!!!

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