Heavenly Scent (A 3 Line Tale)

3 Line Tale *** The scent of sweet basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme wafted through the pizzeria. My senses were on full-alert as I watched the masterpiece bake in this superior oven. Ready to savor the flavor and crispy textures of this tantalizing combination of cheeses, meats and spices, I lean in...take a bite...and I'm… Continue reading Heavenly Scent (A 3 Line Tale)


Christmas in July: a poem

Dash 'Twas the night before Independence Day and all through the house not a creature was stirring-not even a mouse. My children were snuggled all up in their bed, while I decided, it was time that I read. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I dashed from the bed to see… Continue reading Christmas in July: a poem

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A Furry Little Passenger

Passenger Always by my side through thick or thin Resting in my bag, you ride within Hair pulled up in a playful little bow You always tend to steal the show Hi friends! I wanted to share my little fur ball with you today. This is my little Lexi aka Lexi Babies, Lexi Lou, Lexi… Continue reading A Furry Little Passenger

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Distant Goals (3 Line Tale)

  I see you off in the distance, urging me to come at you with all of my might. At times, you seem too far...unattainable even. But, here I go using all of my strength and determination to reach that GOAL!   With Aloha, Lacy Want to join in on the fun? Check out the… Continue reading Distant Goals (3 Line Tale)


Something Special About a Book (a poem)

Paper Theres something special about a book the cover begging me to take a look. The way its worn pages smell like wonder draws me to become a story hunter. The bookmarked pages from journeyers before urging me to continue on and explore. Avidly reading the words on this paper I'm desperate to solve this… Continue reading Something Special About a Book (a poem)

photo challenge

Not Always What It Seems

Three Line Tale:   Beautiful, mesmerizing and exotic. Begging for you to reach out and touch..to embrace. Be careful...things aren't always as they seem...like your heart, handle with care!   Want to participate or see how others responded to the 3LineTales challenge? Click here here Have fun! With Aloha, Lacy

Family/Motherhood/Military Life · poetry

Love Me a Man in Uniform!

Uniform There's just something so sexy, about a man in dress whites. No stains or discoloring, just the brightest of brights! His ribbons are lined up, perfect across his chest. Displayed in a line, the best of the best. He wears a cover, proudly upon his head. A tear by his eye, he tries to… Continue reading Love Me a Man in Uniform!

Family/Motherhood/Military Life · poetry

A Tender Love: A Poem About A Brother and Sister

Fervently I watch my children, as they snuggle side by side watching the sun rise, my heart overflows with pride. Their love for one another, growing day by day a tender love amongst them, for which I've always prayed. To find in each other, a friend through thick and thin connected with much more, than a simple label of kin. Leaving… Continue reading A Tender Love: A Poem About A Brother and Sister