Something Special About a Book (a poem)

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Theres something special about a book

the cover begging me to take a look.

The way its worn pages smell like wonder

draws me to become a story hunter.

The bookmarked pages from journeyers before

urging me to continue on and explore.

Avidly reading the words on this paper

I’m desperate to solve this mysterious caper.

Going forward on, until the end,

The impact of these words continue to ascend. 

There’s something special about a book

tugs at my mind like a grappling hook.

I love to read! Working in libraries for 12 years put that appreciation for books in my heart for sure!

What are you reading right now? What is your favorite genre of book?

There's Something Special About a

With Aloha,


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6 thoughts on “Something Special About a Book (a poem)

  1. I am currently reading ‘The Last Time I Saw Her’ by Karen Robards – not sure how I feel about it though…. I love all kinds of genres- I am a total book nerd. My mood usually decides what genre phase I am going through… lol

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    1. Sounds like my kind of book! I love mysteries and pop fiction. A few biographies once in a while. Right now, I’m reading a kids book. (Don’t judge haha) called “Under Their Skin” by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I met her when I worked in the public library yeeeeeaaars ago. I like to pick up her books once in a while;)


  2. no genre preference. i read everything . now i am reading “on writing” by stephen king and a book in Tamil.
    u must have access to all the books. lucky you

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