photo challenge

Treasuring Textures: Photo Challenge

Textures Stop. Take notice of the scenery around you. Become aware of the little pleasures we typically overlook. All around us are intricate textures, intoxicating smells and delightful sounds. Let these sensations take hold of you for just a moment. Breathe in the exhilarating floral scents. Let the harmonious songs of the birds soothe you.… Continue reading Treasuring Textures: Photo Challenge

Family/Motherhood/Military Life

All Queens Need a Costco Castle

; For some reason, my family thinks I need to feed them, clothe them and keep the house clean?!?!? Pft! Really?!?! Ha So, I decidedĀ it was time for me to take a break from my adventureing and "ADULT!" First stop-Costco! Let me tell you this...going to Costco with kids can be quite an adventure in… Continue reading All Queens Need a Costco Castle

Family/Motherhood/Military Life

Be the Mommy You Want Her to Remember

I just wanted to share something that is on my heart this morning... I dug out my old camera this weekend. Since camera phones are the big thing, I rarely think to use it anymore. But, I was preparing to go on an all day hike and, for safety reasons, wanted to keep my phone… Continue reading Be the Mommy You Want Her to Remember