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Finding Joy in the Simple Things

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When you are reading, do you ever stumble upon a part of the book that really grasps you and leaves you pondering it for days?

I’m currently reading the book “Light Between Oceans” By: M.L. Stedman. I wanted to share with you a small excerpt from it:

“Want some bread?”

“Thanks, but I’m not hungry.’

“Not for you, silly! To feed the seagulls.”

She offered him a crust in her outstretched hand. A year before, perhaps even a day before, Tom would have declined and walked away. Bu suddenly, the warmth and the freedom and the smile, and something he couldn’t quite name, made him accept the offering.

“Bet I can get more to come to me than you can,” she said.

“Righto, you’re on!” said Tom.

“Go!” she declared, and the two of them began, throwing the pieces high in the air or at crafty angles, ducking as the gulls squawked and dive-bombed and flapped their wings at one another furiously.

Finally, when all the bread was gone, Tom asked, laughing, “Who won?”

“Oh! I forgot to judge.” The girl shrugged. “Let’s call it a draw.”

“Fair enough,” he said, putting his hat back on and picking up his duffel bag. “Better be on my way. Thanks. I enjoyed that.”

She smiled. “It was just a silly game.”

“Well,” he said, “thanks for reminding me that silly games are fun.”

He slung the bag over his broad shoulder, and turned toward town. “You have a good afternoon now, Miss,” he added.

Reading this made me stop and question if I am taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life…like feeding the birds.

Am I too busy with other things so that I’m not taking the time to really enjoy the world around me?

never fade.png

Friends, how about you?

I encourage you today, to make some time out of today for FUN. What is something you used to do for fun? Did you enjoy feeding the birds? Did you ride your bike down the trail? Maybe you used to enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing on your face while you rode the swing?

Life is too short to ignore the fun moments.

Enjoy the

With Aloha,


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