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Texas Treasures

We spent this past week visiting my in-laws in Texas (I’ll resist the opportunity to share some in-law jokes-haha). While we were there, my husband and I spent a few days doing some repair work and also mended their privacy fence.

This left me with some unique looking weathered wood pieces that I just HAD to do something with.

The day before, I had repainted their back patio so I knew we also had some extra paint laying around.

weathered wood + paint = sign

I gathered up the wood and the paint and was ready to begin!

One problem…

my pencil didn’t show up on the wood…hmmmm. I saw an old nail sitting out that we had pulled out of the wood piece, so I grabbed it and used it to press into the wood the word “welcome.”

I just free handed it and this worked out pretty good! I always find the center letter which was “c” in this case and do it first and work outward. I pressed just enough to be able to see an outline of the word. Next, I was ready for the painting!

That’s when problem numero dos came to be!

I didn’t even have a paint brush! How on earth could I have not thought of this before I started!?!!?!?

Well, like I said, I was just visiting and couldn’t find any small paintbrushes in their garage so I had to sit and think outside of the box for a minute. Just then, the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had popped into my head!


Just the size I needed and there HAD to be an old toothbrush sitting around! Sure enough, I found one and was ready to tackle and finish this project! It honestly worked pretty good considering it was just a toothbrush!

I wasn’t able to get as small of a stroke as I would’ve liked for some spots. But, I just made the other parts thicker to make it appear thinner where I wanted.

The best part of this project, is the left over white paint on the toothbrush can now be used as a tooth whitener! HeHe! Now, before you go and try that, you should know I’m TOTALLY joking about that part! I do NOT suggest you paint your teeth white! hahaha


I’m really happy with how it turned out!

I found some brick hooks at Lowe’s (they were about $5 for a package of 2) which prevented me from having to drill into the brick. They seem pretty sturdy too!

With Aloha,




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