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Letting Go and Finding Happiness

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Too many times, we search for happiness in others. Through addictions, through habits. Oftentimes, we are left longing for that “one thing” that will make the change in our life to make us feel content.

And yet, we are surrounded by what we need for fulfillment. We just overlook it. We see the hurt, we feel the pain…we focus on the what we think we “need” rather than realize what is in front of us.

We need gratitude.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward

I heard a segment on K-Love Radio the other day about this. If we focus our attention on being thankful for what we have, we have less time to think about what we don’t have.

Having an “attitude of gratitude” can only make us feel better. Make us feel whole. Give us a healthier mind and well being.

The more we are thinking positively about what we have, the less our minds will go to that place of discontentment or longing for more.

We need to unmoor those feelings of pursuing and unleash the surrender to gratitude!


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9 thoughts on “Letting Go and Finding Happiness

  1. Yes, we all have so much and yet we want so much more. I do remember a time in my life when I had little but as long as I had my Mom, I was good. Sometimes I wish somethings would disappear so that we can see what is really in front of us!


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