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A Furry Little Passenger

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Always by my side through thick or thin

Resting in my bag, you ride within

Hair pulled up in a playful little bow

You always tend to steal the show

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Hi friends! I wanted to share my little fur ball with you today. This is my little Lexi aka Lexi Babies, Lexi Lou, Lexi Lou Who, Lou Lou…she has many, many nicknames πŸ™‚

She’s been such good girl. I’ve had her even before kids. I wanted a Yorkie since I was little. She was the first birthday gift my hubby got me when we were engaged. She was our first baby!

She loves to tag along with us. Usually, she has her own doggy bag. But, this day we were unprepared and walking the streets of New Orleans when we wanted to pop into a little bistro. In she went, happy as can be.

Do you have a pet who has stolen your heart? Comment below and tell me about him/her!

A Furry Little

With Aloha,


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19 thoughts on “A Furry Little Passenger

  1. You asked us to share about a pet. We had a little dog Nelly for twelve years. She was shaped like a sausage. She was known in the neighborhood as the running dog because she would run alongside my husband in his bicycle. She was a crack up.

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      1. My favourite silly thing of his is when he suddenly starts running all over the house for no good reason. In the summer, he ‘hunts’ flies – he’s absolutely useless at it and I don’t know what he’d do if he actually caught one πŸ™‚

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