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The Joy of Dancing with my Kids: How watching a TV show lead to a fun dance competition

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Last night, the kids and I decided to start watching the new TV show called “World of Dance” with Jennifer Lopez. I’ve always been so fascinated by dancing. I even sometimes dream that I’m a good dancer. I was in swing choir in High School but that’s about as far as I’ve gone in that area. I did get an award for “best dancer” (for the girls). I have a feeling that was my one and only claim to fame when it comes to dancing. No ballroom dancing trophies for me!

I just love dance and the opportunity it provides people to express themselves emotionally.

This show brings so many backgrounds, ages, cultures, dance styles and personalities to the competition. So far, they’ve all been phenomenal to watch.

But, this blog isn’t about TV show critiques…

God knows, I don’t watch enough TV to be a good critic. I’m actually planning on doing away with cable soon too. So, this might be a short-term pleasure.

I think my favorite thing about watching this show, is watching my kids try to make their own dance routines.

It’s nice to see something besides my 7-year-old doing the “dab” move for a change. My daughter’s style is more ballerina type and way more “emotional.” Go figure! ha! She’s my emotional one. She did take hula dance lessons so there was a little bit of hula included in her style. My son’s dance moves are more “b-boy style.” Or so he thinks…I just learned that term from the show. Look at me all sounding like a professional dancer! ha

My husband and I took dance lessons to prepare for our wedding. We learned a dance and “performed” it at our wedding. It felt magical! I remember feeling like such a princess. Watching this show tonight on TV, brings back fun memories of that.

FullSizeRender 90.jpg

FullSizeRender 91.jpg

We are going on 9 years of marriage this fall. Has it really been that long? I wonder if we could still do this dance? Hmmmm.

Just remembering how happy dancing made us that day, put a smile on my face. Seeing the kids experience that joy themselves as they made up their dances and hearing their giggles proved to me that it’s a great thing for kids too.

Dancing with your kids has its benefits too!

  1. Dancing teaches kids at a young age that exercise and physical fitness can be fun.
  2. Dancing gives kids an opportunity to be creative and express themselves without words.
  3. Dancing with our kids gives us parents a chance to play, be silly and join in on the fun while interacting with them and giving them one-on-one attention. It’s a win-win situation!
  4. When a kid does an “epic dance move,” they build confidence in themselves. It makes them feel good about themselves and proud.
  5. Dancing builds muscles and helps develop their body.

We had so much fun dancing and watching “World of Dance” tonight, that my Little Ladybug has a dance competition planned for us tomorrow after our waterfall hike. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to it. I wish I had little trophies to hand out to them afterwards!

Does your family enjoy dancing? Can you cut the rug? Do you like to bust a move every now and then?

Try having a dance competition and see how much fun you have! It’s fun to let loose and be free once in a while. Dancing is a wonderful way to do so!

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