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What!?!? An Organized Spice Cabinet?

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If you’re like me, it’s easier to eat healthy when you are organized.

In order to eat healthy, you need to have a system in place in which you cook so that you can easily find what you need to use to prep your foods. 

This includes the spice cabinet! Let’s be real…if it’s not easy to grab and use for making dinner, I’ll go for the easy to eat junk food or drive through instead!

I used to always dread opening up my spice cabinet in fear of something landing on my head! I needed something to fix this so that I wasn’t constantly fighting that spice cabinet.

I saw these “Spicy Shelf” organizers on an infomercial on tv and thought they looked genius. I don’t know why, but I never actually buy these amazing things I see on TV like that, but when I found them in the “as seen on tv” section of the store, I was thrilled to try them out!


They actually work pretty well.

But, you know me…that wasn’t good enough for my craziness. My spices were all different sizes and brands and I couldn’t read the labels very easily. So, I decided to get little mason jars and lids to put them all in.

ef4a3e53-a168-4b44-b8ce-48a6783e72fa_1.fb602aded6696f53982417cf9af60170 8020_3_0_0

Now, all of my spices looked the same. I needed to label them.

I bought canning labels because they were in the same aisle as the jars/lids. I wrote on them with a Sharpie and then used clear tape to attach them to the jars.


I just LOVE how it turned out!

FullSizeRender 104

I have a pull out drawer below where I store my tea, protein powder packets and hot cocoa. I love how my spices and drink mixes are all in one place, easy to find and use!

Friends, let’s use this as a step towards eating better and more home cooked meals!

Remember, every Tuesday is Tasty Tuesday where I share with you some of my favorite recipes!


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4 thoughts on “What!?!? An Organized Spice Cabinet?

  1. I love this!! I have been eyeing that spice sorter for awhile in apprehension of it actually working. My spices are also in different shapes and sizes, and one of my most frustrating things is that most brands don’t have a mouth big enough for a teaspoon. I love the idea of using canning jars as it also eliminates plastic and keeps things consistent. Awesome work!!!

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