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Losing My Patience

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Tell me I’m not the only mom who feels like she is at wit’s end some days!

You know those days where you need to count backwards from 10 to prevent yourself from losing your mind and blowing up at your kids?


It’s in those 10 seconds of recollecting myself where I am reminded of the need for ย patience and a lot of grace.

Sometimes, I need to be reminded to go back….way back to when my kids were fresh new little babies. I need to remember that feeling I had where they could do no wrong and any unflavorfulย act they DID was cute and innocent…

Fast forward to toddlerhood and now school age…I find myself being less impressed by those “cute little” naughty acts. They aren’t so cute to me anymore. Instead, those same acts tend to make me angry and frustrated.

The bible says “love is patient, love is kind.” I love my kids more than anything…so why am I not always patient with them? And, in those moments, not always kind?

Love is patient…but we sometimes fail to be.

Is it just me, or is it hard to be patient even though we all know how important patience is?

Patience is the first listed when the scripture speaks of love’s attributes. Patience is the root of those which follow. Without patience, it’s hard to truly love. God knows it is love which allows us to separate ourselves from anger and frustration. In other words, when we act out of anger, we are not acting out of love.

If I am going to show my kids all of the love I feel for them, then it is 100% necessary for me to practice patience.

The ultimate love is shown by God’s love for us. How many times do you think He has to practice patience in our lives. He is endlessly patient with me. I need to mirror that patience with those I love!

Now, here’s a special treat for you!


You may be reading this and find yourself thinking…this is great. But….it’s my spouse that I feel I need to be patient with! Friend, I hear ya! I have to be mindful of grace and patience with them ALL!

Now, I encourage you to re-read this post and whenever I speak of kids, replace that with your spouse.

Think back to when you first met. Were you more patient with them then? How does that compare to now?

If you’re like me, that question has me sag my shoulders. It’s true, isn’t it? I’m embarrassed to say I was much more patent when things were new.

Going forward…I am going to remember God’s patience for ME whenever I feel I am losing my patience with someone. I’m going to remember that, if I want to show love, it begins with patience.

Losing My

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16 thoughts on “Losing My Patience

  1. Patience is a tough one!! My daughter is only 6 months old and I am already having to work on being patient with her. She fights sleep and when I’m tired and just wanting her to sleep I can become very impatient!! I appriciate your honesty!

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