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Painting Rocks! A Family Painting Project

Painting Rocks!

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One of the hottest activities lately is painting on rocks and hiding them for others to find!

I’ll never forget the first painted rock we found. The family and I were out exploring the Turtle Bay resort here on Oahu, HI. Nestled in the famous Banyan Trees was a rock that painted on. It also said, to follow them on Facebook! We didn’t know what to do with the rock. So, we left it. But, when I had a chance, I looked it up and wow! What  a fun idea!

Ever since that day, we have found painted rocks all over our island and even back in Texas when we visited this year.

Some painting is pretty elaborate with embellishments even. Some are as simple as the first one we found which just had sharpie on it.

The hiking group I volunteer and lead hikes for did a painting rock activity recently which was really fun. It taught me out how to do it and now the kids and I have been enjoying it on our own at home.

If you need some ideas, check out my Pinterest board called, “Adventurous Rock Painting” for inspiration.

Or, should I say, “Pin”speration? haha

Here are the steps we take for our painted rocks:

  1. Find some rocks. Here in Hawaii, you risk “Pele’s Curse” who is the Hawiaan Goddess of Volcanos if you remove rocks from nature. Because of this, I purchased our rocks from a landscaping store. Luckily, they had some “open bag” clearance so we were able to just buy half of a bag. Any rock will do. What we typically see are flat, grey rocks in various sizes.
  2. Gather up some acrylic paint. We like to use paint pens because it helps us with detail. We have also done it with paintbrushes which works fine as well.
  3. Once you have your supplies, you are ready to paint! Paint your rock however you want. This is when the creativity can explode! Some people like to write an inspirational quote. Some will simply draw something on it. Others, like to use the shape of the rock and transform it into something completely new. There are no rules!
  4. Once you are finished and let it dry, you can write on the bottom of the rock your local area’s Facebook name for people to post pictures of it when they find it.
  5. To finish it off, it needs to be weatherproofed. You don’t want all of that hard work to go to waste! We seal ours with either Mod Podge or a polyurethane spray. Something that will keep the rain from washing the paint off.
  6. Once it dries, you are ready to hide it in your community. Get creative! We have hidden them outside of the movie theater, grocery store, around the park…our favorite is hiding them out on hiking trails.
  7. Once you have it hidden, let people know! It’s not required but it does add to the fun of it all! Post either a picture of it “hidden” on the Facebook page saying, “I just hid this at Sunset Beach! Come and get it!”
  8. Sit back and wait for someone to post they found it. Not everyone posts when they find a rock (which can be discouraging when you are excited about a rock you hid). But, just know you put a smile on someones face! My kids are absolutely THRILLED when they find a rock!!!

Here are some of our recent rocks.

FullSizeRender 213.jpg
a collection of rocks the kids and I painted recently together

FullSizeRender 212   FullSizeRender 211.jpg

FullSizeRender 210.jpg

I still need to seal them but the painting is mostly finished! I find myself painting rocks while I am relaxing or watching a movie. It’s been such a fun new hobby. And, it’s one I can enjoy with the kids too. It’s been a way to knit together some family time. Best of all, I know it will brighten someones day out in my community when they find it!

Have you ever painted rocks?

Is this something you would find fun?

Maybe you have found a rock in your community?

I would love some new ideas of what to paint. What would you like me to paint next? I can give it a try and post a picture and tag you on Instagram!

Comment below!

Painting Rocks!

With Aloha,


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37 thoughts on “Painting Rocks! A Family Painting Project

    1. Definitely! I plan on bringing some to Nebraska with me over Christmas break to paint with my family while we visit them! We can hide them here in Hawaii when we get back. These rocks I posted here are going to be hid in Nebraska!


    1. I looked around your blog but couldn’t find a post with rock painting 😦 I will just use my imagination and picture them to be beautiful:) Either way, I’m glad you were inspired to do such a fun project! What was your favorite rock?


  1. Just wanted to say Thank You, found a beautifully painted rock yesterday, not sure if it was one of yours or not(I don’t do social media),but still beautiful.
    Since finding the rock, I told my kids that this is our new family time, we are going to become rock hunters! My kiddos were so excited, so tomorrow, we are headed out to a hiking trail and maybe we will find one of your rocks:) Thanks again for for the smiles and excitedness to get out and adventure more as a family. Many continued good blessings to you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe! You made my day!!! The kids and I just hid a few yesterday. It’s a fun family activity! I’m glad your family is using as a tool to be together too! The hiking trails are a wonderful place to, not only look for rocks, but spend time out in nature together! Good choice! Aloha!


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