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Mom Life: A Trip to the Children’s Museum

Ladybug and I are headed to the kids Museum again this morning! I wanted to share this with you from our last trip 🙂

Adventures of a Busy Mom

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Nothing quite says “mom life” like a trip to the Children’s Museum! As I walked around and saw that I was in a sea of under 7 year olds, I realized I had chosen the perfect shirt for the day! If you remember my post: Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God, you know that BOTH kids wanted to visit the Children’s Museum before school started up again. So….check! We did it!

FullSizeRender 87.jpg

Ever since my son was little, we have always really enjoyed going to Children’s Museums. Some parents cringe at the thought but I love it. I save that cringing feeling for Chuck E. Cheese! ha There is just something about the Children’s Museum that makes me smile. I think it’s seeing all of those happy kids engaging in creative play that does it. 

I mean, where else can you go from being a fire fighter to…

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