Don’t Get Trapped in the Dark: Staying Up When You Start to Feel Down


If you are like me, January is always just a “blah” month.

The excitement of the holidays is over and now we are left with….well, January. The month with no major holidays.

The Christmas cards the kids and I excitedly found in the mailbox every day are now replaced with bills…ugh-bills! No shock there, unfortunately. Proof that the holidays are over!

The Christmas tree sits in the corner of the room begging to be taken down and packed up for another year.

The calendar is bare now that we don’t have holiday parties or events filling our nights.

It’s easy to become down or even depressed at this time.

Many people beat this by focusing on their New Years resolutions. I beat this by using the fresh year to help me grow.

January has become the month that I tend to grow the most. The things that distracted me the month before are gone and now, my mind is free.

I can either focus on the lack of exciting things happening in January,

OR I can focus on bettering myself.

The Bible refers to these times when we feel down or are struggling with something as “darkness.” We all experience this. It’s part of our journey. It’s tempting to just give up or feel discouraged when we are in the dark. But, it’s important to remember God does His best work when we are in the dark. We can’t have things “perfect” or going our way all of the time. Some of God’s blessings can only be gained in the dark…not in the light. When we are in the light (in other words, when everything is going well), it’s tempting to feel like we have it “all under control” on our own.

It’s in the dark that we REALLY grow.

Our character is developed and we tend to trust and lean on God the most. We pray more. We draw closer to God. I know, when I’m in the dark, I seek God’s guidance more than when I feel like things are going “as planned.” I tend to lean on Him and His promises.

When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.

Friends, January may be an uncomfortable or even lonely month. But, have hope in knowing that God is there to bring you through it! Use this month to draw closer to Him. Start a new devotional. Join a small group. If you are new to this, it’s a great time to start! There are even several options available online as well! One of my favorites is Girlfriends in God. You can get their devotions sent directly to your email.

If you have read this far, I am assuming you are religious or at least interested in a relationship with God. However, if that’s not your thing, you can still use the depressing month of January to better yourself. Focus on doing something each day that makes you happy. Use the darkness as a time to seek out your potential and greatness which can only be discovered in the darkness.

Friends, what situation are you struggling with right now? How do you think He is using it to shape your life?


With Aloha,



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9 thoughts on “Don’t Get Trapped in the Dark: Staying Up When You Start to Feel Down

  1. I love the Corrie Ten Boom quote… especially since I am posting a painting about trains, tunnels and the dark times in our lives tonight. Your post tackles the subject of darkness very differently and yet, your thoughts touch me deeply! Yet, our conclusions both lead back to God… and after all, He’s at the center of everything, isn’t He? Amazing post, Lacy! You never fail to encourage, comfort and inspire me! ❤

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