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Simple DIY Wall Sign

Best of all, when I look at this little creation, I think of that summer I was able to spend out yard sale shopping with my mom. With her living in Nebraska, and me living in Hawaii, those moments are special because they don't happen very often!

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DIY Tin Can Flowers

Make it Monday: I love to get creative with pallets. One of my favorite projects is this decoration I made with the help of my mom for my back yard. We lived in a new construction neighborhood in Florida so there was an abundance of pallets sitting around. The builders gave me permission to use… Continue reading DIY Tin Can Flowers

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From Baby Crib to Front Porch Decor (A DIY Project)

Make it Monday It's no secret that I absolutely love bulk trash day! This is the one day a month (usually people don't follow the rules and it's a few days) where you can get rid of big, bulky items and the city will pick them up and dispose of them for you. I love… Continue reading From Baby Crib to Front Porch Decor (A DIY Project)

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DIY Bathroom Shelf Re-do

Make it Monday Dash Do you ever find yourself holding on to a piece of furniture but you don't really know why? Maybe it was expensive and you don't want to just toss it. Maybe it has sentimental value-it was the first thing you bought as a married couple. For me, that piece was the… Continue reading DIY Bathroom Shelf Re-do

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DIY Summer Wreath

Make it Monday Summer is full on and there's nothing better than a new bright cheery wreath to display on your front porch! For today's "Make it Monday" I want to share with you how I made my favorite wreath. I shopped around for weeks and was shocked to see how pricey wreaths are! At… Continue reading DIY Summer Wreath

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The Perfect Summer DIY Potting Table

Make it Monday (I'm always excited for my Make it Monday posts. I hope you are too!) I love working in the garden. One of my fondest memories is every summer planting tons of flowers with my momĀ and sister. She established in me a love for flowers and nature. Even at a young age, I… Continue reading The Perfect Summer DIY Potting Table

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DIY: Lego Mini Figure Display

Make It Monday! Volume Last week, I posted a DIY project of mine where I made my son a Lego table out of an old coffee table I picked up along the side of the road. If you would like to see it, or learn how I made it, here is a link to that… Continue reading DIY: Lego Mini Figure Display