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Fulfilling My Dream at the Magnolia Market

Trekking Thursday

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Magnolia Market

This weeks Trekking Thursday is going to venture off of the island of Oahu and take you…..(drumroll please!)…. to Waco Texas!

If you know me well, you know that I LOVE decorating and I really enjoy

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ show Fixer Upper.

I appreciate them for the inspiring couple they are and I look up to them in many ways. They are proud of their faith and their family is always a priority to them even through the fame that has followed them since their TV show on HGTV. This past summer, I read the Magnolia Story and grew to appreciate them even more.

So, when I found myself with some time to kill in Dallas while I waited for my husband to fly in, it was a no-brainer to take a little drive down to Waco Texas and visit their store the Magnolia Market! 

Living on an island, I haven’t been on a good ‘ol road trip in ages!

Nothing takes longer than an hour to get to on Oahu. So, it was an adventure for us! We stopped at a Dollar Tree (which we don’t have in Hawaii either) and I let the kids pick out a few activities for the car ride. Luckily, I only spent $1 on these treasures because most of them got lost in between the seats of the rental car. But, they served their purpose and kept them busy for the drive.

When we arrived in Waco, it was really easy to find the Magnolia Market…just look for the big rustic silos! I have seen so many pictures of the store that it felt like I was walking onto a movie set. It felt so familiar!

There was a big grassy area where the kids could run around and play which was great! They provided soccer balls and footballs as well as corn hole sets and comfy yard chairs/cushions to relax on.

FullSizeRender 219

It’s not just a store but a gathering place.

Along the perimeter of the grassy area, are several food trucks (which made me feel like I was back in Hawaii again!) After we spent some time there, we headed to the market-the main event!!!

As soon as I walked in the front doors, I was in heaven! I mean, I seriously think I heard angles singing! (maybe it was the Christmas music but just play along with me!) I didn’t know where to start first! With it being on the brink of transitioning from fall to winter, it was a zoo in there! But, still so organized! I was being tugged in so many different directions! I had to remember that I only had a shared suitcase with the kids. I couldn’t possibly buy everything I wanted to-it just wasn’t physically possible to bring it back with me! However, as I ventured to the back of the market, I saw a FedEx store. Yes-they have thought of it all!!! I resisted that temptation and limited myself to just a few items.

But, since I know you are curious as to what this magical place looks like, here are a few pictures I took while trying to not look like a crazy person taking pictures of store displays!

FullSizeRender 214FullSizeRender 215FullSizeRender 216FullSizeRender 217FullSizeRender 218FullSizeRender 205FullSizeRender 222FullSizeRender 223FullSizeRender 224FullSizeRender 225FullSizeRender 226FullSizeRender 227

A-mazing, right?!?!

If you ever find yourself in the Dallas Texas area, I highly suggest you make a short hop over to Waco. I am already planning another trip back for a girls day! And, don’t forget to pack an empty suitcase for all of your goodies you buy!

Magnolia Market

With Aloha,



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10 thoughts on “Fulfilling My Dream at the Magnolia Market

  1. I hope to visit there one day too, I love love Chip and Joanna. The pics are wonderful and show the warmth and cozy feeling they depict in their renos. Road trips with the little ones can be fun, we have this game where we name 3 (can be more) things with each letter of the alphabet (my youngest fav). Have a safe trip back home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! We got there when they were just getting the winter stuff out. If anything can get you in the holiday spirit, it’s them!

      That’s a great game! We’ve done something similar with road signs. We have to find each letter of the alphabet (in order). It’s a good one. But, living in Hawaii, we don’t get to road trip much. We are going to Nebraska for the Holidays and will be doing some traveling to our family cabin. I will have to try your game out!

      Liked by 1 person

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