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Something I’ve Done Right: Realizing I’m a Damn Good Mom!

I tend to focus on how tired I feel or I let myself feel guilty for not doing all of the fun activities on my Pinterest Boards. But, when it comes down to it, they don't need the "extras." They just need a present me.

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More than a Ferris Wheel: Sharing the Joy of the Fair with My Kids

Wheel As a kid, I remember the excitement I felt while driving past the Sunset Plaza and seeing the carnival getting set up. All of a sudden that empty section of the parking lot became the hottest spot in town! In a kids eyes, this is what summer is about! This is what we lived… Continue reading More than a Ferris Wheel: Sharing the Joy of the Fair with My Kids

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Momma’s Banana Bread: A Generational Recipe

I'm going to share it with you today in hopes that you can bake it with your children and make some special memories like my mom and I share...and, now my daughter and I. It originally came from my Grandma Amy. So, it's very special!

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Under My Nose: Appreciating the Blessings Right in Front of Me!

Friends,  I just hit 1,000 likes! I am so thankful and so humbled you have all taken the time to read my words the past 2 months! I appreciate all of your encouragement along the way and I look forward to continuing on this adventure with you! Y'all are great! In honor of this, I… Continue reading Under My Nose: Appreciating the Blessings Right in Front of Me!

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He Knew…

Daily word prompt: Paragon Winey at times. Messy. Loud. These ill words may describe my children in certain situations. But, they are the paragon of the type of kids God knew I needed.  Loving! Caring! Tender hearted! Yep...God knew! He knew I needed two little best friends in my He gave me them! 

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Dance Your Troubles Away

Family Friday The kids were acting fussy this morning...fighting over who got the blue Lego mini figure pants. They were loud and brassy. I'm like...really?!?!?! Anyway, this trivial argument was monumental in their minds and I wanted to respect that. We tried to discuss it rationally which only lead to more tears by my 4… Continue reading Dance Your Troubles Away


I Have No Greater Joy…(Bible Journal)

3 John 4 I have no greater joy than knowing my children are walking in the truth. With Aloha, Lacy Featured Blog Posts: Butting Heads with God Advance God’s work with love The Makapu’u Lighthouse Pillbox Hike


Mothers Are Blessed

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed. Mothers are blessed. We are blessed in more ways than words can begin to describe. Each morning, I have the honor of waking up to my two beautiful children and hearing the most magical words come from their lips..."I love you, mommy." In THEIR eyes, I… Continue reading Mothers Are Blessed

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Raising Steak Cutters

Let's talk kids and chores! A friend of mine posted a video today of a toddler running the vacuum cleaner. It got me what age should my kids be doing certain chores? I've seen several articles with chore timelines but what REALLY is appropriate? What can my small kids REALLY be learning by cleaning the house? It starts out… Continue reading Raising Steak Cutters