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Something I’ve Done Right: Realizing I’m a Damn Good Mom!

Something I've Done Right Realizing I'm a Damn Good Mom!

Sometimes I feel I’m too hard on myself.

I think of all the things I AM NOT.

I am not as physically fit as I would like.

I am not as patient as I would like.

I am not as playful as I would like.

I get tired easily.

I get frustrated easily.

I get impatient easily.

The list could go on and on.

However…tonight at the park, I stopped and watched my kids play together and thought to myself…

I’ve done something right for them to be the way they are.

They play together so well. And, no! Not just playing video games but active, creative play.

Teaching them to use their imaginations…something I’ve done right.

They notice the kid off to the side playing on his own and ask him to join in on their fun.

Teaching them to be considerate of others feelings…something I’ve done right.

They don’t throw a fit when it’s time to leave like many of the other kids. Instead, they say “thank you!” and ask if we can come back tomorrow.

Teaching them to be grateful and appreciate the little things…something I’ve done right.

I am reminded, for all of the things, I think “I am not,”

there is an “I’ve done right” to counteract it.

I may not be a lot of things.

But, I am a damn good mom!

I’m glad I took a moment tonight to sit back and watch them play for a bit so I could realize this.

I tend to focus on how tired I feel or I let myself feel guilty for not doing all of the fun activities on my Pinterest Boards. But, when it comes down to it, they don't need the _extras._ They just need a present me.png

Something I've Done Right Realizing I'm a Damn Good Mom!

With Aloha,



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16 thoughts on “Something I’ve Done Right: Realizing I’m a Damn Good Mom!

  1. Amen, sister! We feel such pressure in today’s society to be perfect and we’re just not! We are messy humans who fail every day of our lives. My goal is to teach my kids to be true to themselves, to put God first, to find your calling in life, and be good people. If I accomplish this, all else is dust in the wind. Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Thank you for the affirmation! I feel the same way. Those are what I strive for most as well. Perfection isn’t reality and as soon as we can embrace, cherish and appreciate what’s in front of us, we will be good to go!


  2. Amen, Sister! In today’s society we all feel the pressure to live up to the perfect mom. We live in a broken world and we are broken people who fail each and every day. For me, if my kids are authentic, put God first in their lives, discover their purpose here on this side of heaven, and are contributing members of society, then I will have done my job. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Moms literally have 100 pressures on their mind everyday! Great reminder to look at the important things you are doing right everyday, including the little moments that will matter and that your kids will remember!

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    1. Only 100? 😂 It’s amazing to hear what kids remember and their side of the story. My son told me a memory the other day of something we did together when he was little. I didn’t remember it. But, it was yet another reminder to be more present in those moments so that they can have the same impact on me as is does him!


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