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Dance Your Troubles Away

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Family Friday

The kids were acting fussy this morning…fighting over who got the blue Lego mini figure pants. They were loud and brassy.

I’m like…really?!?!?!

Anyway, this trivial argument was monumental in their minds and I wanted to respect that.

We tried to discuss it rationally which only lead to more tears by my 4 year old. My son was getting really frustrated too…

I could see we just needed a distraction.

It was time for a dance party!

Sometimes, in the middle of a busy day or cleaning session, I’ll just pause and yell,


We all drop what we are doing, crank up the music and just dance our hearts out! Sometimes, we dance to the “Perfect Princess Tea” song. Other times, it’s Kids Bop. But, we can ALWAYS count on some Minion songs from YouTube. Nothing puts a smile on your face better than some crazy Minion dancing!

dance party-2

Today’s dance party was JUST what we needed…ALL of us!

Well, not ALL of us were thrilled about the noise…


Do you ever just feel like you need to refocus?

Sometimes, the smallest action can recharge you and redirect your day!

What do YOU do to refocus? What has proven to the thing that helps redirect your day when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

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oatmeal cookies-2

How are others responding to today’s Daily Prompt word: Brassy



11 thoughts on “Dance Your Troubles Away

  1. I can attest to the fact that this works, although my (almost) 10 month old has only mastered the ‘bounce dance’.


    1. Awe, I remember that stage! Today, we danced to an Ice Age song where you follow along the cartoon dance moves. It said, “jump! Jump! Shake your rump!” 😂 perhaps your little one is practicing for that song? Hehe


  2. What a great idea! Much better than someone going in to “time out”. You can’t help but be happy after dancing 😃🦉


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