Oahu Urban Gardens: A Rainy Day Adventure

It's been rainy here in Hawaii lately. Today, I had enough of being cooped up inside the house. So, I grabbed my Little Ladybug and we headed out to the Oahu Urban Garden. It's been a few years since we've been there. And, believe it or not, she didn't even remember that we had been there before!… Continue reading Oahu Urban Gardens: A Rainy Day Adventure


Trekking Through Jurassic Park!

Trekking Thursday Okay, so usually I devote Thursday to highlight a hike that I've done here in Hawaii. Well, this isn't a hike so much but it was an adventure and I can't wait any longer to share it with y'all! Hollywood has been busy for months building sets in preparation for filming the newest… Continue reading Trekking Through Jurassic Park!