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A Mom’s Satisfaction (photo challenge)

via Photo Challenge: Satisfaction Satisfaction Nothing says satisfaction quite like starting that LAST load in the dryer... ***   With Aloha, Lacy Satisfaction Featured Blog Posts: Trekking Through Jurassic Park! We Don’t Need to be Preaching to be Teaching Minimalism: A Revelation

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5 Tips for the First Day of School

Amble Well, it happened. My baby boy started his first day of 2nd grade today! We had company up until yesterday so I wasn't sure how smoothly today was going to be. Luckily, both kids bounced out of bed, got ready and we had plenty of time for a nice, amble walk to school together.… Continue reading 5 Tips for the First Day of School

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Stay at Home Moms vs Working Moms (why we need to stop the mommy wars)

No matter what our "job" is, us moms are ALL striving for the same thing! We want our kids to be safe, cared for and to know they are loved. 

Family/Motherhood/Military Life

Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God

Caper Well, friends, it's already July! How is your summer going? We have had a summer full of  slippahs (flip flops), sunscreen lathering, sandy bottoms, scraped knees, library visits, hikes, movies and capering about! Summertime is my favorite time of the year! Even in Hawaii where it's summer 365 days a year! There's just something… Continue reading Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God