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The Power Of A Simple Phone Call (A 3 Line Tale)

3 Line Tale Challenge: Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt... There is surprisingly a lot of power in a simple phone call. A phone call can lift your spirits by announcing good news and yet, it may also carry with it the burden of painful news. Yes. A simple phone call can change… Continue reading The Power Of A Simple Phone Call (A 3 Line Tale)

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The Many Paths We Take (A Hawaiian Hikers Journey/Photo Challenge)

Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge Daily Word Prompt: uncompromising "This Which Way challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on." There are many paths we take in our journey through life. Oftentimes, the best path to take may not be clear to… Continue reading The Many Paths We Take (A Hawaiian Hikers Journey/Photo Challenge)

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Out of This World Weird

Hiking/Photo Challenge Photo Challenge: Out of this world There is nothing more "out of this world" than finding an abandoned outhouse in the middle of a bamboo forest in Hawaii...with an astronaut on it! Today, I co-lead a hike to Lululmahu Falls here on Oahu, HI. It was literally DOWNPOURING once we arrived at the trailhead. However,… Continue reading Out of This World Weird

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7 Days 7 Photo’s Challenge-Day 1

Black and White Photo Challenge!Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life – challenge! The rules of the game: No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day. Thank you, Giggles & Tales for the nomination! Today, I nominate All About Me LP 🙂 With Aloha, Lacy

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The Unexpected Morning Visitor

Photo Challenge Dutch goes the photo challenge-bird Daily word prompt: risk Carefully, I chose a bird feeder With it, a bag of seed claiming to attract exotic birds I set it up... Waited patiently...   Will this be worth the risk? And, then... It happened! The "exotic bird" had arrived! It was huge, it was… Continue reading The Unexpected Morning Visitor

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Sand (Photo Challenge)

Photo Challenge Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Sand The best way to end a busy day... is at the beach surrounded by sand, surf and sunshine! **Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@theadventuresofabusymom) to see more of my day to day adventures! With Aloha, Lacy Featured Blog Posts: Is It Possible to be a… Continue reading Sand (Photo Challenge)

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So Much Water…So Little Time: Finding Comfort in the Adventure (photo challenge/word prompt)

Dutch goes the photo challenge: Water Daily Challenge: Overcome I am surrounded by water...literally! I live on an island! ha So, with this weeks photo challenge of water, I had plenty to choose from. However, the photo or perhaps I should say, moment that kept creeping into my mind was from when we rented a… Continue reading So Much Water…So Little Time: Finding Comfort in the Adventure (photo challenge/word prompt)

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Careful but Messy (photo challenge)

Three Line Tale Challenge: Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge, only100words Planned and delicately crafted piece by piece. Suddenly, out of nowhere-bam! still gets messy! With Aloha, Lacy How I Cut Cable and Internet…and Lived to Tell About It Spin Class…After a 10 year Break Saturate yourself and share with each other God’s word

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The Banyan Tree (photo challenge)

Photo Challenge: Structure The structure of the banyan tree has had me in awe for years upon moving to Hawaii. I still am so amazed by this tree. Are they branches, roots, octopus legs? After being surrounded by these amazing trees for the past few years, I finally had to look into what exactly structures… Continue reading The Banyan Tree (photo challenge)

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Our Beloved Pink Piggie (photo challenge)

Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Pink Being the mommy of a sweet little girl, I am surrounded by pink! Pink nail polish. Pink hair bows. Pink shirts. Pink blankets. Pink jewelry. Pink artwork. However... nothing is as loved as much as our Pink Piggie! Pink Piggie has been with us from the very beginning along… Continue reading Our Beloved Pink Piggie (photo challenge)