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Out of This World Weird

Hiking/Photo Challenge

Out of This World Weird!

Photo Challenge: Out of this world

There is nothing more “out of this world” than finding an abandoned outhouse in the middle of a bamboo forest in Hawaii…with an astronaut on it!


Today, I co-lead a hike to Lululmahu Falls here on Oahu, HI. It was literally DOWNPOURING once we arrived at the trailhead.

However, we had a few hikers with us who had never done the trail and one visiting from the mainland. So, we decided to grab some ponchos and umbrellas and make an adventure.

To our surprise, the rain stopped and we had a perfect (but very muddy) day for hiking!

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If you want to read more about this hike, check out my post: 

Lulumahu Falls: A Hikers Journey

Out of This World Weird!

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9 thoughts on “Out of This World Weird

  1. “Houston, we have a problem!” We forgot the outhouse and we doubt there will be any trees or bushes on Mars!! (not to mention a great scarcity of TP) Please beam up the cubicle with the next shipment of dehydrated prunes. We appreciate your support in this vital matter.

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