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So Much Water…So Little Time: Finding Comfort in the Adventure (photo challenge/word prompt)

Dutch goes the photo challenge: Water

Daily Challenge: Overcome

I am surrounded by water…literally! I live on an island! ha

So, with this weeks photo challenge of water, I had plenty to choose from. However, the photo or perhaps I should say, moment that kept creeping into my mind was from when we rented a beach house on the North Shore of Hawaii with my family.

Let me tell you, this place was taken straight out of my dreams! We each had a room with an ocean view and fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of the ocean waves each day.


Growing up a Nebraska girl, this type of luxury was something I have always longed for. Even now that we live in Hawaii, it’s not something I get to enjoy often because-lets just say we aren’t millionaires and can’t afford a beach front property! We have our comfortable home here which makes us appreciate the luxurious week we did get to spend at the beach house. I even read a book titled “Beach House for Rent” when we stayed there. You can read a little more about our stay here: Paused: Taking Time to Recharge.

Okay, enough daydreaming back to our amazing week at the beach house and back to the photo challenge…

My favorite memory from the beach house and what inspired my response to the photo challenge, was watching my kids playing in the pool. Yes, you can do that anywhere. What made doing it at the beach house so unique? Well, I found it funny they didn’t want to walk the few feet onto the beach and enjoy our own little spot of the ocean to swim. But, those kids would SPEND THE ENTIRE DAY playing together in that pool. They had a BLAST and still ask me when we get to go back there! (I wish! lol)

It was ironic to me to be lounging by the pool watching my kids play in a pool with the ocean right behind them.

water photo challenge

It reminded me of our comfort zones and how we oftentimes stick to what we are comfortable with rather than overcoming that and reaching out.

Not only were they in the pool, but they were in the hot tub part of the pool!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying where you feel comfortable. That’s exactly what my kids were doing in this photo…they obviously made a great time within those boundaries.


the ADVENTURE begins when you push out of that comfort zone.

Just look at that incredible ocean right behind them and imagine the possibilities waiting for them! Snorkeling, wave jumping, body surfing, sand castles, finding seashells…

In life, I think we need a combination of both comfort and adventure.

It’s in the comforting moments where we can relax, unwind and be at ease with our surroundings. It’s when we seek adventure that we grow into the person we didn’t know we could be!

I encourage you to find that balanced combination.

What do YOU consider your comfort zone? Reliable activities? Familiar foods? Comforting friends?

What adventures have YOU been on? Trying a new food? Traveling? Meeting new friends?

Sometimes, you can even combine a little comfort AND adventure! Maybe go out to a new restaurant with some old friends and each try a new menu item. It doesn’t have to be something extreme like shark cage diving! We each have our own levels of “comfort” and “adventure.”

I never used to be very adventurous believe it or not. So, I get it, big adventures aren’t for everyone. My husband is very much a “comfort” person and he’s content with that.

However, together, we are finding that we can find comfort even in the adventures! I have to chuckle inside at moments like on our anniversary dinner cruise last week where he tried some new foods and looked at me full of pride and said, “look at me being adventurous!” I sure love that man! And, I love how he is enjoying HIS own adventures alongside me!

FullSizeRender 143.jpg

I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below with your favorite comforts and adventures!

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