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Find Serenity: Your Body Will Thank You!

Wellness Wednesday We had some pretty incredible weather yesterday. It was the first time I can remember actually hearing thunder and seeing lightening since we moved to Hawaii 2 years ago. I love a good rain storm. It takes me back to my childhood in Nebraska. We got some really big storms there. The only… Continue reading Find Serenity: Your Body Will Thank You!

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Paused: Taking Time to Recharge

Hey friends! Sorry I have been a little non-existent lately! I have family visiting us from the mainland. I can't wait to share with you soon some of what we have been doing while they are visiting. We definitely are keeping the adventurous lifestyle going. We rented a beach house on the North Shore of… Continue reading Paused: Taking Time to Recharge


Something Special About a Book (a poem)

Paper Theres something special about a book the cover begging me to take a look. The way its worn pages smell like wonder draws me to become a story hunter. The bookmarked pages from journeyers before urging me to continue on and explore. Avidly reading the words on this paper I'm desperate to solve this… Continue reading Something Special About a Book (a poem)


Reprieve: Letting Yourself Get Lost

Reprieve How often do you close your eyes and allow your mind to just LET GO? Taken to that place full of endless possibilities. A reprieve from the struggles you are facing, whatever they may be. When you do this, how do you do it? A massage?┬áPainting? A glass (or two) of wine? I find… Continue reading Reprieve: Letting Yourself Get Lost