Don’t Get Trapped in the Dark: Staying Up When You Start to Feel Down

It's tempting to just give up or feel discouraged when we are in the dark. But, it's important to rememberĀ God does His best work when we are in the dark.

Faith · Family/Motherhood/Military Life

God’s Whisper to My Heart

The weekends always cause me to sit and reflect. It's a great opportunity for me to sit uninterrupted and "JUST BE." Today, I find myself sipping on my coffee and thinking about the future. I'm sure that's nothing unusual, as most people think about the future quite often. We found out recently, that our plans… Continue reading God’s Whisper to My Heart


Seek Him Always (Bible Journal)

Soulful Sunday Psalm 105:4 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. The other day, I spoke about perfection. How, it's human nature to seek perfection. However, God is the ONLY one who is perfect. He gave us this desire for perfection, so we would desire Him. You can read more about… Continue reading Seek Him Always (Bible Journal)