Lemon Blueberry Summer Treat

Lemon Blueberry Summer Treat Ingredients: Lemon Yogurt Graham Crackers Blueberries Instructions: Spoon some lemon yogurt into the bottom of a glass or bowl (doesn't need to be fancy. But, it can be made to look fancy if you use some cute glasses). Crumble up some graham crackers and add a little on top of the… Continue reading Lemon Blueberry Summer Treat

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Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God

Caper Well, friends, it's already July! How is your summer going? We have had a summer full of ¬†slippahs (flip flops), sunscreen lathering, sandy bottoms, scraped knees, library visits, hikes, movies and capering about! Summertime is my favorite time of the year! Even in Hawaii where it's summer 365 days a year! There's just something… Continue reading Summer Bucket Lists…and Still Time For God

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Prepping Easy Grab & Go Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

Snack Family Friday Today's prompt word is "Snack." What if I told you, just a few weeks ago, I thought I was going to snap if I heard the words "can I have a snack" again!?!?!? It's summer break and all my kids seem to want are snacks, snacks, snacks and more snacks! They can… Continue reading Prepping Easy Grab & Go Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

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More than a Ferris Wheel: Sharing the Joy of the Fair with My Kids

Wheel As a kid, I remember the excitement I felt while driving past the Sunset Plaza and seeing the carnival getting set up. All of a sudden that empty section of the parking lot became the hottest spot in town! In a kids eyes, this is what summer is about! This is what we lived… Continue reading More than a Ferris Wheel: Sharing the Joy of the Fair with My Kids

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DIY Summer Wreath

Make it Monday Summer is full on and there's nothing better than a new bright cheery wreath to display on your front porch! For today's "Make it Monday" I want to share with you how I made my favorite wreath. I shopped around for weeks and was shocked to see how pricey wreaths are! At… Continue reading DIY Summer Wreath

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Pallet Playhouse

The best thing about living in a new construction neighborhood was the abundance of left over construction materials! "Dumpster diving" quickly became a favorite hobby of mine! And, if I was lucky, sometimes the construction crews would even drop stuff by my house for me! I picked up these pallets & extra wood pieces one… Continue reading Pallet Playhouse