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Infused with Beauty: A Poem for my Daughter

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She came into this world with a kick and a scream

She quickly became more than a dream.

My daughter, the best friend I needed

My expectations, she far past exceeded.

With her laughs that come from deep in her soul

and a smile so precious, my heart she soon stole.

She is filled with personality-that of which I adore.

Full of smiles as she sings, "My Heart is an Open Door!"

Each day is a new adventure with my little miss

Unfailingly starting with a big hug and a kiss.

She always finds a way to make me smile

Wearing her Elsa dress, I envy her style.

My hiking partner, my snuggle buddy and friend

God knew what I needed with her He did send.

I tried something new today. I’m not usually a poet. I haven’t attempted poetry since high school! What do you think?

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Infused with

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