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Motherhood: My Best Commitment

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At the word “commit,” my mind wanders to all of my past commitments. Those I’ve given up on. Those I continue to give my commitment to.

If I were to choose, my most important commitment, it would be to my children.

Daily, as their mother, I commit so many things.

I commit to keep them out of harms way.

I commit to teach them the Bible and how it says to live our life.

I commit to feeding them nutritiously and teaching them healthy habits for themselves.

I commit to nurturing them.

I commit to bringing them to places they need to go: school, church, sports practice etc.

I commit to providing them with everything they physically need.

This is quite a list of commitments!


Being the “adventurous mom” that I am, I also:

Commit to bringing laughter into their lives.

Commit to making them feel loved at all times.

Commit to spending time playing with them each day.

Commit to reading to them.

Commit to hugging them EVERY TIME they ask for one.

Commit to showing an interest in things they are interested in (even if it’s Pokemon.)

Commit to going on adventures with them and exploring nature.

Commit to kissing “boo boo’s” and making them feel better.


Commitments can be scary sometimes and feel like a lot of work.


But, I have to say, this list of commitments…

Brings me pride.

Brings me love.

Brings me happiness.




What commitments have YOU made? What is YOUR most important commitment?

With Aloha,


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