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Do your remember those little red wagons we all grew up with? I remember my grandparents had one on their farm and we used to push each other around the yard all day long. You could really get that thing moving down the hill…until you Lurch into a hay bale! LOL

rusty red wagon

Anyway, you know how I like to share DIY projects for Make it Monday. And, if you know me…I really enjoy bringing new life into old items.

I was out yard sale shopping one day and stumbled up on an old rusty wagon just like the one we used to play with on the farm. It brought back so many fun memories, I HAD to bring it home with me. It was one of the many items my husband rolled his eyes at when he saw me unloading it from the vehicle.

Doesn't he know by know by now that's not a good look for him? HaHa! I didn't let that stop my excitement. Instead, I belted out the line from that song, "You gotta have faith!" and I wheeled it out to the back yard with a big proud grin on my face.

Where it sat…and sat…and sat…

Until one day…I decided to paint it and finally turn it into something fun. These things take time, right? I have to wait for the creative magic to happen! LOL.

Earlier, I had painted a few other fun pieces for the back yard so I had plenty of left over paint from those projects to use on this.

In case you missed it, here's a reminder of those projects:

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So, to keep everything bright and cheery, I used the same color scheme and painted the wagon yellow, blue and pink.

After it was painted, I decided I was going to use it as a planter.

I drilled some holes in the bottom (to let water drain out and prevent over watering).

Once that was finished…it was time for my favorite part…planting flowers!

I wanted something simple and for it to have colors that complimented the colors of the wagon. 

Here is the finished product:

wagon planter.jpg

It turned out so nice! It puts a smile on my face just seeing it put to good use!

To think…this little wagon was almost at the end of its life sitting at that yard sale!

What a transformation!

What do you think of it? Do you have a fun story to share about a wagon you had a child? I'd love to hear about it!

With Aloha,


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