A Trip to the Coffee Farm

Trekking Thursday

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To feed off of yesterday’s post: Coffee: The Good, The Bad…The Ugly, this weeks Trekking Thursday is about a little coffee shop I love to visit located on the Green World Coffee Farm. Although this isn’t a “hike,” believe it or not, I do “trek” around the island off of the trails too! ha

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This quaint little coffee shop has some of the best local grown and brewed coffee on the island. It’s located on the North Shore of Oahu, HI just down the road from the Dole Plantation. It is a must-see for all coffee lovers!

The coffee farm itself consists of 7 acres of land with approximately 2,000 arabica coffee trees.

All of the coffee used and sold is grown right here in Hawaii.

There is seating inside as well as a grassy lawn and patio outside for you to come rest or catch up with friends over a cup of freshly brewed coffee. There’s no express line here. Visitors come here to slow down and experience the fun and relaxing environment.

Inside the coffee shop, they always have several types of coffee for you to sample. Try them all before you decide which you want to take home with you! 

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The walls are decorated with fun vintage coffee theme signs which is always fun to look around at

As you exit the back door towards the farm, you will see a section of the shop devoted to teaching us about how coffee is grown and eventually processed into coffee grounds. It’s my favorite part of the shop. I always stop and look over the timeline. I find it so fascinating! It reminds me of a hike I was on once where we actually found wild coffee plants growing. We chewed on the coffee cherry for a little pick me up!

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I’m not affiliated by them at all-I just really enjoy their coffee and the fun atmosphere of this coffee shop. If you are interested in learning more about Green World Coffee or would like to purchase some to try out for yourself, you can check out their website: Green World Coffee Farm

So, if you’re like me, this has made you thirsty for some coffee. Grab your favorite cup of joe and “cheers!”

Good morning!

A trip to the coffee farm

With Aloha,


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