5 Things You Should Quit Right Now

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5 things you should quit right now:

1. Judging: Judging yourself and others will get you nowhere! Just stop! Be proud of who you are and let others be proud of who they are without the fear of people judging them. I believe we would all benefit from this mindset! Let it start with you!

2. ProcrastinatingThis seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, I recently made it a personal goal to “not put things off for tomorrow what can be done today.” I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made in just these few short weeks! I feel much more accomplished. More organized. More prepared even. Try it!

3. Eating crappy food: Okay, if you know me, you know I enjoy a good food binge every now and then. Here’s the proof: I Ate the Entire 7-Course Meal…and I Don’t Feel Guilty! I find it important to not “deprive yourself” of things. I think it makes you crave them even more. But, with that being said, over the past few years, I’ve also been much more mindful of the foods I eat on a regular basis. I can tell a HUGE difference on how I feel on the days I eat a regular healthy meal at home vs a quick drive through McDonald’s. That’s proof enough for me to quit eating the crappy foods! Choose what you put into your body wisely. You are what you eat after all!

4. Living with regrets: Regrets. We all have them. But, when we dwell on them, they can consume us. Live and learn. Move on. You are only wasting time dwelling on them. Replace those thoughts with something else. Remind yourself of all of the GOOD you have done or the things you are proud of to have accomplished. Write it down if you have to! I recently did this. By the end, I was on “Cloud 9.” I couldn’t help but feel like a proud Barney Fife. Our mind controls so much. Keep it focused on the positive!


5. Wearing uncomfortable clothes: Okay, you might find this one crazy. But, one thing I’ve learned from my “old” age is life is too short to not be comfortable! Don’t wear something just because it’s popular or because you saw it in a magazine. Wear what you like and ONLY if it makes you feel confident and uplifted! Be your own beautiful self!

If you could pick 5 things to quit right now, what would they be?

Feel free to respond with your own list by linking to this post. Or, comment below!


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10 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Quit Right Now

  1. It’s a good list! Some are goals I’m working on this year!
    So 5 things I am giving up… Facebook- a whole year, caring what people think about me, judging others, but mostly myself, negative thoughts and old thought processes, the need to conform, I want to be authentically me!

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    1. I think you are asking for an alternative to eating unhealthy food on the go? My suggestion for that, is to plan ahead. When we know we are going to be out and about running errands or something, I will tell the kids to grab a snack (or 3) to take with us. I always have ready to go food in our refrigerator: snack size baggies with carrots and celery, string cheese etc. I also keep our pantry stocked with healthy options: fig bars, granola bars, raisin boxes etc. My kids are big snackers. So, having this food easy for them to help themselves to is a must. And, since they snack so much, I make sure it’s all healthy so that whatever they are snacking on is still good for them. Many of these snacks are great for taking along with us in the car! Another thing: reusable water bottles! Hydroflasks are very popular here in Hawaii because you can fill it with ice water in the morning and still have ice in it after a day at the beach! They are incredible! We try to not leave the house without them so we aren’t tempted to stop somewhere when we get thirsty. Another thing I’ve been doing, is making my own coffee in a travel cup so that it’s not as sugary and fatty as it would be if I were to swing by Starbucks for coffee. The little things all add up!


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