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The Unexpected Morning Visitor

Photo Challenge Dutch goes the photo challenge-bird Daily word prompt: risk Carefully, I chose a bird feeder With it, a bag of seed claiming to attract exotic birds I set it up... Waited patiently...   Will this be worth the risk? And, then... It happened! The "exotic bird" had arrived! It was huge, it was… Continue reading The Unexpected Morning Visitor

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Sand (Photo Challenge)

Photo Challenge Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Sand The best way to end a busy day... is at the beach surrounded by sand, surf and sunshine! **Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@theadventuresofabusymom) to see more of my day to day adventures! With Aloha, Lacy Featured Blog Posts: Is It Possible to be a… Continue reading Sand (Photo Challenge)

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So Much Water…So Little Time: Finding Comfort in the Adventure (photo challenge/word prompt)

Dutch goes the photo challenge: Water Daily Challenge: Overcome I am surrounded by water...literally! I live on an island! ha So, with this weeks photo challenge of water, I had plenty to choose from. However, the photo or perhaps I should say, moment that kept creeping into my mind was from when we rented a… Continue reading So Much Water…So Little Time: Finding Comfort in the Adventure (photo challenge/word prompt)

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Our Beloved Pink Piggie (photo challenge)

Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Pink Being the mommy of a sweet little girl, I am surrounded by pink! Pink nail polish. Pink hair bows. Pink shirts. Pink blankets. Pink jewelry. Pink artwork. However... nothing is as loved as much as our Pink Piggie! Pink Piggie has been with us from the very beginning along… Continue reading Our Beloved Pink Piggie (photo challenge)

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Dutch Goes the Photo: Photo Challenge (yellow) I'm surrounded by yellow! I LOVE the color yellow! So much in fact, the accent color of my house is yellow and red (I think that's the Husker in me! ha) It just seems so cheery to me! When thinking of something to write about with the prompt… Continue reading Pokemon

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Walking in Papa’s Footsteps

One of the most heart touching moments of my life was watching my 10-month old son walking hand in hand with my dad along the shore of Bainbridge Island, WA. Words can't begin to express the emotions that washed over me. I fight back the tears even now, 7 years later, when I stop and… Continue reading Walking in Papa’s Footsteps

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The Soundtrack of a Busy Mom

Photo Challenge: Music As an Adventurous, Busy Mom, the kids and I spend a lot of time listening to music. Music can transform the most mundane things (chores) into the best thing ever! Check out my post about my kids' love for cranking up the tunes and dancing:┬áDance Your Troubles Away Since I know you… Continue reading The Soundtrack of a Busy Mom

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Photo Challenge: Unusual

Photo Challenge: Unusual So, we set out yesterday morning to hike the Koko Crater Botanical Garden here on Oahu, HI. (I just posted about our visit if you want to read more about what we saw: Our Hike Through the Koko Crater Botanical Garden. I had just looked up what the photo challenge was for… Continue reading Photo Challenge: Unusual