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Our Beloved Pink Piggie (photo challenge)

Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Pink

Being the mommy of a sweet little girl, I am surrounded by pink!

Pink nail polish. Pink hair bows. Pink shirts. Pink blankets. Pink jewelry. Pink artwork.


nothing is as loved as much as our Pink Piggie!

FullSizeRender 136.jpg

Pink Piggie has been with us from the very beginning along side her best friend Pink Puppy!

Together, there isn’t anything the trio can’t handle.

Overnight sleep overs…yep!

8 hour plane rides…yep!

First day of school…yep!

Watch Peppa Pig…yep!

Hiking across Hawaii…yep!

Thank you God, for Pink Piggie!

Our BelovedPink Peggie-2

With Aloha,


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22 thoughts on “Our Beloved Pink Piggie (photo challenge)

  1. One of the biggest surprises of mothering a daughter has been how much I’ve grown to love the color pink, especially the hot pink tones. I couldn’t stand pink when I was young, but back then there wasn’t much diversity in the land of pink. It was either newborn “It’s a girl!” pastel or Pepto Bismol pink.

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