When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Today was one of those days that I knew going into it, was going to be a "make or break" kind of day!We had a lot riding on today: We were expecting to hear if my husband was chosento advance to Master Chief. We have been house hunting and put an offer in on a… Continue reading When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Faith · Family/Motherhood/Military Life

God’s Whisper to My Heart

The weekends always cause me to sit and reflect. It's a great opportunity for me to sit uninterrupted and "JUST BE." Today, I find myself sipping on my coffee and thinking about the future. I'm sure that's nothing unusual, as most people think about the future quite often. We found out recently, that our plans… Continue reading God’s Whisper to My Heart


Set Adrift and Seize the Day (Bible Journal)

Adrift Luke 9:62  Jesus said, No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God's kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day. It can be easy to let ourselves get weighed down by the mundane, routine things in life.  We have to wake up every morning before we want to. We have to put on those… Continue reading Set Adrift and Seize the Day (Bible Journal)