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A Little Grace with My Eggs

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Avocado scrambled eggs & Greek yogurt w/local made granola sprinkled with chia seeds

If you’re like me and a busy mom, I’m sure your mornings are full of grace. The grace to pack school lunches, make sure each kid has two shoes on their feet and are wearing clean undies, back packs are ready to go…oh, and don’t forget to make sure their homework is all completed before you’re headed out the door. I don’t know how many times we’ve pulled up to the school parking lot to have my kids say, “mom! I don’t have my shoes!” I have to bite my tongue while I think, “seriously!?!?!?!”

On top of all of this, moms are supposed to actually find time to enjoy our morning coffee and eat a healthy breakfast! Pst…really?!?!

Recently, I made the decision to set some time aside for ME in the mornings! Just a little time designated for myself. Time where I’m not a mom, not a wife…just ME! During this time, I’m not allowed to clean, pick up toys or even start packing lunches.

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING!?!?!

Since we live in Hawaii, I’m blessed with great weather 365 days a year. So, oftentimes, during this morning ritual, you will find me sitting outside on the front porch, reading my Bible and sipping on a cup (who am I kidding…it’s usually two cups) of coffee. This is when I do my Bible Journaling. If you want to see some of my Bible Journaling, check out and follow my Blog found here and titled “Faith“.

Now, I started out by just enjoying a cup (or two) of coffee while I enjoyed my quiet time. The past week or so, I’ve been trying to add a healthy breakfast to the routine. I’m good about getting the kids a healthy breakfast when they get up. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a breakfast person myself. So, that’s an area I’ve always struggled with.

I decided I needed something that I would look forward to eating in the mornings to help me get into the eating breakfast routine.

This morning, I decided to make scrambled eggs. I make my scrambled eggs with 2 cage free eggs and a little organic almond milk. I mix it up and pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes until the eggs are set and then I scramble them up with a fork. Bam! Easy peasy!

I usually mix in TONS of cheese because let’s face it-I’ve always been a mouse who loves cheese! I realize cheese is not the best choice for my goal of a healthy breakfast. So, I had to brainstorm for a cheese alternative…

Strange as it may sound, I’ve been craving avocados like nobody’s business lately! So, I mashed up half of an avocado and mixed it in with my scrambled eggs.  Yummy!



I also, was craving something a little sweet. So, I mixed up some strawberry greek yogurt with some local made granola and some chia seeds. It was the perfect addition to my quiet breakfast!

I’m hoping that, with this yummy discovery, my morning routines will consistently contain a healthy breakfast!

How about you? How do YOU incorporate a healthy breakfast into your morning routine?

I’d love to hear from you! Click “like” and comment below with what your morning breakfast routine consists of!


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