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Yes! I’m Taking a Ninja to Target

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This past week, I’ve really been struck with the concept of living in the moment. I’ve been adamant about trying to cherish each and every one of those moments.

Our babies grow up in the blink of an eye. I know I want to embrace the little time I have with them before I’m no longer “cool.” Don’t you?!?!

I think one way to make sure we are living in the moment with our kids is to simply say “yes” more often!


“Yes” to playing with them, “yes” to making their own choices (within reason), “yes” to making messes, “yes” to making memories!

In saying “yes,” we are building them up to be confident and independent kids!

It is so important to not get too comfortable saying, “no” or “just a minute” or “later.” This makes them feel unsure of themselves and not valued.

Saying “yes” to our kids needs to be more of a priority.

Oftentimes, I find myself automatically saying “no” to my kids without even listening to them because I am just tired of all of the nagging and constant requests for “mom.”

Our kids deserve to be heard.

Saying “yes” gives them a chance to grow whereas saying “no” all of the time denies them the opportunity to fully enjoy the carefree feeling of childhood.

Don’t be afraid to get the messy finger paints out and paint with them. It’s just paint…it will wash up! Don’t hesitate when they ask us to play a board game or put together a puzzle. The timing may feel inconvenient or honestly not an activity I want to do. But, I need to keep in mind, they just want to spend time with me doing something THEY think is the most fun thing ever. Isn’t that sweet?

Say “yes” and let them make some decisions on their own, even if you question the outcome…

We were headed out the door today and I turn around to see my daughter in dress up clothes. Not just any dress up clothes either. I could’ve handled a nice, pretty princess dress. But, of all things, a head to toe black Ninja costume! I mean, I could only see her eyes peeking out behind an all black mask.

In that moment, I had a choice to make. Should I make her change into something more “appropriate”? Or, let her actually wear it?

I could already feel the stares as other shoppers judged me for letting my child out in public like that. However, I calmly asked, “Are you sure that’s what you want to wear out shopping?” She looks at me with (I’m assuming a smile on her face-I couldn’t see behind the mask) and she replies, “yes, mommy! I love it!

So, she wore the ninja costume to Target–does it really matter? Is it hurting anything? Nope. But, today, my daughter got to make that choice on her own and it allowed her to learn about herself and express herself by wearing her favorite dress up costume.

Try to say “yes” this week to your kids…when they ask you to play hide and seek, color a picture, play with play dough…take a break and say “yes.” 

With Aloha,



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