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Missing the Craziness of Motherhood

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 Some days it feels like a mom’s job will never be done.

Warming bottles, washing burp rags, changing diapers…

Once that phase passes, it transitions into

football practice, dance recitals, parent teacher conferences.

The list will go on and on…time will move forward.

Season by season, the responsibilities continue on.

Although it may seem mundane now…some day it will be in the past.

As much as I hated diaper laundry back in those days, I miss the days of cute baby “fluff butt” and snuggles while nursing my babies.

fluff butt.jpg

Although it may seem my life is crazy busy going from activity to activity…some day I will have a quiet house with nowhere to go.

I may get frustrated by picking up toy cars, blocks and Pink Piggy from a pile of toys on the floor AGAIN.

Spending Friday nights folding laundry may be depressing.

Opening the pantry to find it overflowing with fruit snacks might get old.


Remembering how these days will soon be in the past, will change my perspective to being thankful.

When I trip over that well-loved Pink Piggy sitting on the floor left behind by my sweet Little Ladybug, it means my daughter is still my happy, healthy little girl. 

As I sit in my living room on a Friday night surrounded by my kiddos and mountains of laundry to fold, I will be reminded that each outfit I fold represents a day that I had my children in my life.

When I find those colorful fruit snacks taking residence in my pantry, I will smile and think of how happy and excited they get each and every time I put that box in the shopping cart.

Changing my perspective will remind me how blessed I am to be their mom.

Some day, these “mom tasks” will be done and I will be moving on to the next phase of motherhood.

I will miss these crazy days.

If it’s something I will eventually miss, I need to make sure I am finding enjoyment in them now.

missing the Craziness of

With Aloha,


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14 thoughts on “Missing the Craziness of Motherhood

  1. You are so right ! I got misty eyed reading this . My grams always said” you’ll miss it when it’s gone” when I would complain about laundry and stress. I know she was right because I too miss those baby days and now that they are teens I miss the preteen days… Where does the time go? Great post 🙂

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    1. Glad you liked it! I was telling my husband what I wrote about and couldn’t keep the tears out of my eyes either. I don’t wish the moments lasted but I do want to embrace them and appreciate them when I have them. Each season is unique and offers something new for us to experience.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. We can’t change how fast time passes, we can’t change our ever growing children’s pace, but what we can do is savior every moment we are given and then when you lay your head down at night you are at ease. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you found it helpful. I find myself needing that constant reminder as well. Even with the holidays. It’s easy to get caught up with the “to do” lists and then be worn out by night. I am trying to stay mindful of the fact that, before long, they won’t want to snuggle with me and watch Christmas cartoon movies anymore or make silly Christmas cookies. I feel I’m a better mom when I am mindful that this season of life doesn’t last forever. I need to appreciate and embrace it all! Thanks for your comment 🙂


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