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Best PRE-Workout Foods

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Well, as you know, I recently have vamped up my fitness routine. I started spin class up again and I'm really enjoying it. However, I want to make sure that I get as much out of that class as I can!

I've been looking into what foods are best to fuel my body and when I should be eating them.

As promised, today I am going to share with you what I found to be the best Pre-Workout foods. If you missed my post last week, I shared about the importance of eating a good Post-Workout food. You can read it here: Best Post-Workout Foods

I typically work out in the mornings..lets be real here-if I wait too late in the day, I won't do it! I'm still struggling to eat more than a Crumb in the mornings too. However, looking into the subject of fueling my body has motivated me to do better!

Before I share with you WHICH foods are best, I want to start by saying WHY they are so important.

Your body is constantly busy performing ongoing functions to keep you alive. When you begin any form of exercise, there is extra impact put on your body. What you eat and IF you eat can make a big difference on the way your body performs that activity. It also plays a big factor on how your body recovers from it. 

The right foods can repair muscles which are overworked during the workout. It can also even affect the amount of carbs burned during the workout itself. Best of all, the right fuel can make your body equipped to perform the exercise better.

Here is what I found to be the best Pre-Workout Foods:

  • Greek yogurt and dried fruit
  • Avocado
  • Whole wheat toast
  • Egg omelette
  • Apple and peanut butter
  • Oatmeal
  • Smoothies
  • Chicken, rice and vegetables
  • Banana

Timing is also important.

You want to make sure you eat these foods about 2-3 hours before a work out. This meal should include, protein, carbs and fats. If you can't eat a full meal 2-3 hours prior, still eat. The closer it is to your workout, the smaller the amount you should eat. However, still fuel up with protein and carbs just less fats if it is close to your workout time.

I'm going to be working on gathering up some healthier food options for my Tasty Tuesday's. Keep an eye out for them!

Best Pre-Workout Foods

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9 thoughts on “Best PRE-Workout Foods

      1. I’m so glad to hear that! Did you read my other post about Post-workout foods? I think my favorite “re-discovery” from this was kiwi! Mmmmm. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “golden” kiwi. Have you tried that? It’s a great post-work out snack!

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  1. I’m all about the banana, but for some reason I don’t want anything if my workout is first thing in the morning. Probably the flashbacks I get to morning gym class in highschool when I yakked up breakfast in front of a girl I was interested in… felt nauseous thinking of morning workouts ever since; so I do best with seltzer water as a morning pre-workout. 🙂

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    1. Oh, no! How embarrassing! I would be hesitant too! I’m getting better about it. I think it’s so important-and yet I struggle with it. I made some overnight oats for tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes! I try to at least eat a little greek yogurt or a piece of toast on the mornings I work out 🙂


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