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Sticking to Your Fitness Goals During the Holidays

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Sticking to your fitness goals during the holidays

Wednesday check-in. So, how is everyone’s week going? Have you been staying active rather than binge watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel? Have you continued to eat healthy? Or, has the temptation of Christmas cookies kicked in?

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This time of year, it can be so hard to stick to our health goals.

Everywhere you look, we see delicious Christmas candies and cookies and all of the seasons “must eats.” I mean, those holiday commercials are just plain evil, aren’t they?

So, how do we keep things in check?

I’m no saintly fitness buff. But, for me, I have found that I do best when I stay very focused on my health goals.

I will literally stop and ask myself: What do I want to accomplish? How hard have I been working to get there? Do I really want to start all over by a month of bad habits?

I remind myself how I resisted eating all of the kid’s Halloween candy.

I remind myself how I did fairly decent over the Thanksgiving holiday.

That means, I can totally nail Christmas too!

Sometimes, I will look at my Fitbit fitness tracker after spin class and see how many calories I burned and compare that to what a Christmas cookie has for calories. It’s depressing really. I’m not huge on counting calories etc. But, it does put into perspective how bad certain foods are for me (like Christmas cookies.) 

When I go to grab a cookie, I’ll remind myself how much I had to sweat to burn that many calories and it makes it pretty easy to put that cookie back down (or take a bite to “fix” my craving and give the rest to the kids.)

That’s the big thing to remember here. You don’t need to deprive yourself of something but just be smart about it. We all know that cookies aren’t healthy. There’s no surprise in that. We also know that Christmas cookies are a big part of celebrating the season. Indulging in a cookie isn’t the end of the world. But, we really do need to stay focused on our health goals and try our hardest to not over do it.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to decide if that cookie is worth the extra time in the gym. Sure, I enjoy spin class. But, I don’t want to think of doing all of that exercise and work for nothing!

I’ve made big strides towards improving my fitness this year.

I’m not going to blow it on a month of temptations.

I got this!

And, so do you!

What is your biggest temptation over the holidays?

How do you resist the urge to give in to those temptations?

Sticking to your fitness goals during the holidays

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4 thoughts on “Sticking to Your Fitness Goals During the Holidays

  1. I’m lucky in that I’m marathon training which means I can eat what I like given my weekly mileage. I put on weight easily and used to be over 15 stone. I lost 3 stone when I started running but I’m still basically a ‘chubby, socially awkward geek’ in a slim persons body.

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