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Smile: Make Life Beautiful Again

Smile: Make Life Beautiful Again

What’s the first thing you notice about a person when you see them?

Is it the color of their eyes?


Maybe it’s their outfit or the way they style their hair?


For me, it’s the smile. Sometimes, it’s the lack thereof.


I think a person’s face (particularly their smile) can say so much about the person without using even a single word. It allows us to share outwardly how we are feeling inwardly. Talk about powerful! Are we happy? Maybe we are feeling a little down or discouraged. Our face will give us away.

I watched a movie recently (an old black and white movie) where a child visits a store of some sort.

I couldn’t help but notice how genuinely happy everyone seemed. Yes, I know it was a movie and they were supposed to be happy. But, the overall feeling was that of happiness. What stood out the most, was the fact everyone was smiling! The kids. The parents. Even the store cashier.

Let’s imagine for a moment how this overall feeling would be different if say one or even two people had a scowl or frown on their face. Do you think it would’ve still felt like a happy shopping trip? Or, would the atmosphere turn darker and perhaps a little more negative feeling?

Imagine what our communities would be like if we all just SMILED MORE!

I think we need to be mindful of the energy we pass on to others. If we are in a sour mood, it’s not fair to pass this attitude on to them.

I think most of us genuinely wish happiness for everyone.

The simplest, most effective way we can give them that is through spreading our OWN happiness. Smile more. Frown less.

spread happiness.png

The next time you visit the store, try to think of this and SMILE at as many people as you can. Pay attention to their response. I bet 9/10 or even 10/10 times, you will receive a smile in return.

We just never know when the person we are passing in the aisle or on the street needed a little “pick me up.” Doesn’t it make you feel good to know that YOU can do that for them just by smiling?

Smile: Make Life Beautiful Again

With Aloha,


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