Halloween Themed Snacks

Happy Halloween!

In celebration of Halloween, I wanted to share with you a fun snack idea I made for my sons’ football team last season. It isn’t really a “recipe” per say. But, it’s a fun food idea so I think it fits for today!

I like to try to have a healthy treat to hand out after a game. I think of it as a recovery “meal.”  for them after a hard game. Lucky for me, my turn to bring snacks was around Halloween so I did a spooky theme.

You can’t go wrong with mummy bananas, jack-o-lantern oranges, and monster string cheese!

FullSizeRender 189

Mummy Bananas:

I had some white streamers that I used to wrap around each banana. I made white eyes out of paper and glued them to the wrapped bananas. I finished it off by adding a spooky mouth.

Monster String Cheese:

I made some creepy eyes out of paper (you could use those fun jiggle eyes too if you have those). I glued them onto the string cheese packaging. I had some really fun colorful art feathers so I glued a chunk of each one to the top of each string cheese snack to give them some crazy “hair.”

Jack-o-lantern Oranges:

I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of these! I used a “cutie” orange. I used a sharpie to draw a Jack-o-lantern face on the peeling. It looked so cute and was really fun to make!

I put the orange and a juice box in a Halloween party bag and tied the string cheese to it with some curling ribbon.

The kids REALLY liked their team snacks. My son was so proud to hand them out to his team which made me feel good. I enjoy spoiling him like that.

FullSizeRender 190

Happy Halloween!

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

We usually go to Trunk or Treat at my church and then hand out candy at our house. We get a lot of trick or treaters in our neighborhood! The most I’ve ever seen in an area! It’s fun in the nice weather. I grew up in Nebraska where Halloween trick or treating oftentimes included snow or at least a bulky jacket covering our costumes! So, we are enjoying the nice trick or treating weather of Hawaii for sure!

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