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DIY Upcycled Farmhouse Table

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This past spring, we visited my in-laws in Texas. While we were there, we helped fix a fence that had fallen over from the weather. In doing so, we had lots of leftover wooden pieces that broke off of the fence.

You know me, I couldn't just let that glorious, perfectly weathered wood go to waste!

I decided it was time for some DIY projects. One of my first ever blog posts was actually about another project I used this wood for. You can see it here: Texas Treasures

We found an old coffee table that was sitting around in the shed. It had no top on it because it was going to be used for another project. However, there it sat so I was ready to bring it back to life right then and there!

As with the "Texas Treasures" project, I used some of the outdoor paint I used to paint their back patio for the table. I painted the entire table with that white paint and it was already looking much better!

You are probably wondering when the fence wood I mentioned was going to be used…well, I decided it would make an amazing table top!

So, with the help of my mother in law, we found a few pieces that looked the nicest and fit together snugly.

We called over my hubby and he helped nail the pieces onto the old table. I started doing it. But, the wood was so old, it was starting to split so I made him do it. Ha

It turned out so nice and looks really great with the welcome sign I made her out of the same wood.

It dried and was finished just in time for our family that came to visit later on and we were able to use it for our back yard BBQ!

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