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Today…You Taught Your Mommy…

Family Friday

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I found this memory on my Facebook from way back when my little man was just a baby.

"Mommy has been sick with pneumonia but decided to stop at the park for a few minutes to get you some fresh air.

You just took in all the fall sun and became fondly attached to a little nut you discovered on the ground.

You refused to leave it behind.

This reminded me how special even the smallest things and moments can be, to cherish them, and never take them for granted."

It's amazing how, 7 years later, I continue to learn from him.

I've learned to appreciate the value of love.

I'm learning patience.

I'm learning selflessness and putting others before myself.

I'm learning organization.

I'm learning how to be healthy-not just for me, but for MY KIDS too!

I'm learning to love myself so my kids can love themselves.

I'm learning to make my faith the center of our home so they may walk in the truth as well.

But, most of all, I'm learning to appreciate every moment…even the little ones, like the one where he discovered the nut hiding in the leaves.

As parents, we tend to focus on what WE are teaching our kids.

Perhaps, they are the ones who are, in fact, teaching us!

Today I encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself:

What have you learned from your kids?


Each underlined word is a link to another post about that subject. If it's somthing that you find yourself drawn to, you may find it interesting 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Today…You Taught Your Mommy…

  1. As I watch my grown kids struggle with adult problems I never had to face, I learn from them never to give up. My beautiful autistic granddaughter teaches me to never care about what people think. If you’re sad, dance in the rain.

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